The Vergers är kyrkvaktmästare som har ett gemensamt intresse i musiken. Genom att blanda musikstilar skapar vi vår speciella stil. Folkmusik, visa, melodiös rock & populärmusik bildar grunden i konstellationen.

måndag 4 januari 2010

Låttexten är klar

I’m sitting here alone
I’ve turned of my phone
‘cause I’m stressed to the max

I’m looking at the sea
That’s what’s helping me
When I need to relax

...and then I turn around
and guess what I found
found an old piece of wood

An inscription there
Tells me this is where
You will find something good

So what is there to find
Under this old sign
Is it burried down deep

Or maybe it’s a map
Could also be a trap
Maybe it’s something cheap

But I wanted to see
What this thing could be
So I dug with my hands

And now it’s been a while
I sit here with my smile
And now I have other plans

I’ve made up my mind
Nothing here to find
But I’ve felt like a child

All the time I dug
It was like a drug
It was really quite wild

To be trouble free
How easy it can be
You just live in the now

Think not of tomorrow
Let go of your sorrow
Easy if you know how

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